the new Canal Street

It used to be that Canal Street was the place to get the goods the redhot goods, that is. I’m sure they are still doing business but these days, if you are serious about selling your fake designer goods, you are much better off becoming a cybercon. Over the last few years, eBay has boomed beyond all expectations. We have read the Sunday supplement articles that trumpet the impressively gargantuan figures of that virtual marketplace: over one hundred million registered users, and profits of six billion dollars for 2006. But there is one figure that has not received as much media attention, because little has been done to ascertain its precise measurements. The elusive figure, you ask? The number of eBay buyers that have handed over their money in good faith, and gotten scammed. This next number may provide a hint: According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the counterfeit market is at $500 billionayear, and they estimate that in twenty years it could skyrocket to $2 trillionayear. It doesn’t take a savvy economist to know that much of that growth is attributable to the proliferation of online auction sites.

I picture a wellheeled, fashionable woman shelling out thousands for a designer bag she picked out online, waiting breathlessly by the mailbox for its arrival, eagerly unwrapping the packaging, and then slowly realizing that the priority shipping she insisted on far outpriced the item she is holding in her hands. Then I picture her either sobbing inconsolably, or googling the gun laws for her state. Trust me there is more than one reason that I only deal with the real McCoy in my eBay luxury goods venture. Women these days are deadly serious about their purses. But all kidding aside, this story is sad. And I know it happens, because I have to do a lot of convincing of onceburned consumers, a lot of handholding and reassuring emailing. And while this whole scenario of ripping off someone by selling them a fake is upsetting and unfortunate, it’s also unsurprising. Because there is little, in fact almost no, recourse for the buyer who gets scammed on eBay.

When someone unknowingly buys a fake, naturally they will first attempt to contact the seller. But when their angry emails bounce back as nondeliverable, they may as well throw in the towel. (There isn’t even a number to call eBay’s customer support is only via email.) There is the option of “feedback,” comments that users can post on a seller’s site, but if your seller has vanished like a traveling snake oil salesman, you are just screaming into the virtual void. screennames, with ease, will turn up elsewhere like a bad penny. It is a dream come true for anyone wanting to make a dishonest dollar. Boxes.

Not surprisingly, there is a slew of registered eBay sellers peddling fake Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc. Some have prices that are dead giveaways that the items are imitations, but many are trying for top dollar. One example is a seller that deals with “Hermes” scarves. He/She sold scarves on eBay in a style called Paddock, a scarf pattern serious collectors recognize but not in the colors this seller had. However, if you were no expert, just a person saving up your pennies for your first scarf indulgence, you could easily be duped into paying the same for one of these fake scarves as you would for an actual Hermes one. Which is exactly what happened in this case, to a number of innocent victims. I’ve also seen fake Hermes Birkin auctions end in the $30004000 dollar range, and I’ve seen some of the fakes firsthand. Well crafted in Italy, definitely passable in an online photograph, but an item that Canal street stores would sell for maybe $150. Amazing profit to be made: If that seller sold 9 fake Hermes handbags in a 30day period, his annual haul is over a quarter million dollars. Of course, you can simply stay away from the online marketplace. But if you are collector of rare or hardtoget items, or living in an out of the way place, eBay can be a dream come true.

And what is eBay doing? Well, since eBay makes its commission regardless of whether or not the item is a fraudulent one, they haven’t exactly made rooting out counterfeit luxury goods their top priority. They talk a game about “intellectual property” and “ongoing investigations,” but they have tried to put the brunt of the policing back onto the companies whose brands are most commonly pirated. Unfortunately, the companies involved have a stock response: buy the items at our stores, or deal with the consequences. And in a new twist, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton/Dior are suing eBay, claiming the site is violating trademark rights by profiting on the auction of fake merchandise. (Louis Vuitton/Dior says in its lawsuit that in a study made over the first six months of 2006, 90% of the items bearing their trademark were fake.) Solutions that might be costly for eBay changing PayPal policies, stricter site policing, or conducting individual investigations are derided by the company as impractical. However, with a good chunk of that 500 billion dirty dollars floating through the online auction arena, washing their hands of the problem will only keep them looking clean for so long.

the two time Booker prize winner Peter Carey meets Eve

the two time Booker prize winner Peter Carey meets Eve Jackson

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the mistress and the wedding brawl that put two women

the mistress and the wedding brawl that put two women in hospital

The wedding, at a plush midlands hotel, turned violent after a row broke out over the crimelord’s affections.

The groom, considered one of the capital’s most dangerous hoods, had been living a romantic double life. But his wifetobe knew nothing of the other woman until her wedding day.

She learned the distressing news when her new husband’s mistress, who had been invited to the reception, approached her.”This was some scene maybe it was inevitable that an extremely violent incident would occur at this event considering who the groom was,” said a source.

“After what was said and happened between the women, it is safe to assume that he is not enjoying what is supposed to be his honeymoon.

“He had been confined to Ireland anyway because of the bail conditions that have been imposed on him but he is in a bit of bother and this time it is not from the gardai.”

The Tallaght criminal went to ground after the wedding because he needed “a bit of head space.” Sources say that he was meant to be travelling around Ireland on honeymoon this week but has barely seen his new wife since the brawl.

The criminal who cannot be named for legal reasons is facing significant drugs, firearms and ammunition charges before the courts.

He has previously served jail sentences for extremely serious offences. The gangster is understood to be staying with his mother in Tallaght after spending a number of days “awol” after the wedding. The fight at the wedding bears some resemblance to scenes from one of Coronation Street’s more memorable storylines.

In a famous wedding episode on the soap, broadcast nine years ago, Tracy Barlow confronted bride Karen McDonald on her wedding day.

Tracy told Karen her husbandtobe Steve McDonald was the father of her daughter Amy.

A furious Karen then went to attack Tracy with a pair of red stilletos. Steve and Karen did eventually marry and divorced some time later.

The gang have been also collecting drugs money on behalf of drugs crimelord Christy Kinahan. Sources say there has been “internal strife” in the gang recently after one junior associates was savagely attacked by senior members in a supermarket car park in south Dublin.

the spiked drink myth and victim blaming

A few more developments on the issue of women getting drugged at local bars. (Read original column here).

One of the sources in that column, Avenue and Gaslight bar owner (and Anchorage CHARR head) John Pattee, was arrested over the weekend for second degree sexual assault after fondling women at the Avenue.

That raises some questions for me about what’s going on at his bar, where several reports from women about being drugged came from. It will be interesting to have some context for that story to find out what was really going on.

Responses to my column about women being drugged in bars are still trickling in. The main discussion has been about whether saying women need to watch alcohol intake is blaming the victim when it comes to sexual assault. My position is that women have the power to protect their safety in a latenight bar scene. I don’t see that as victim blaming, but others do. Here’s a message that came in this morning:

Julia, how about you blame the rapists for rape instead of drunk women? Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’d be too haaarrrrrd for teh menz to, you know, treat women like human beings, instead of like machines out of which they “get” sex. (Because sex isn’t something that two people do enthusiastically with one another; it’s a commodity that women supply to men, dontcha know.) And you yourself wouldn’t be able to couch your sense of superiority to rape victims in that smarmy concern you display.

One reader who I exchanged emails with sent me an interesting link to a recent New York Times blog post

on exaggerated reports of women being drugged.

After we put out the call two weeks ago for people to contact APD, Lt. Dave Parker said he’s heard from several women who said they were drugged in downtown bars. He’s putting their stories together into a report for detectives, he said. He’s also working to adjust the procedure for reporting a suspected drugging incedent, because some of the women who contacted him said they had a hard time making a report. Police still need hard evidence that women are being drugged, he said.

the man who lost the America’s Cup

Dennis Conner isn’t like other folks. He isn’t even like other sailors. People who race sailboats and people who write about people who race sailboats have been trying to figure him out for years. Why did Dennis say this? Why did Dennis do that? What is Dennis up to now? More often than not the answer is a verbal shrug. “That’s Dennis,” they say.

Conner, the skipper of Stars Stripes and the most perplexing personality on the America’s Cup scene in Australia, is a wily and fierce competitor whose mind is on sailing 100% of his waking hours. His racing companions say they form tag teams so that late at night Conner always has someone to talk to about sailing. While lesser skippers race for the sport of trying to win, Conner races in order to win. He has defined his sport in his own terms, and his opponents have been forced to accept his definition, like it or not. At the same time, Conner’s definition means he can neither court the sometimes useful role of the underdog, nor can he expect to be granted its dispensations even when, as in this year’s America’s Cup competition, he might well deserve them. He is feared and respected by many, admired by some and loved by very few. After three decades at the top in the tight, gossipy little world of sailboat racing, he remains an enigma, of whom a yachting journalist said, “He’s done it all. He’s the best there is. His only flaw is that he’s Dennis. He’s his own Achilles’ heel.”

This week, in the semifinals of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the 3monthlong series of races to determine the challenger for the America’s Cup, Conner has arrived at his moment of truth. He must beat Tom Blackaller and his doubleruddered USA in a bestofseven series or be eliminated from Cup competition altogether. In Sunday’s Race 1 he got off to a stunning start, taking a thriller from Blackaller by just 10 seconds. And on Monday Conner won again, by three minutes and two seconds, leaving Blackaller a formidable catchup task. (The winner of that allAmerican series will meet the winner of the New ZealandFrench Kiss series in the challenger finals, starting Jan. 13.)

The stakes would be high at this point in an America’s Cup “summer” no matter who was involved, but when Conner and Blackaller, longtime California rivals with many old scores to settle, are slugging it out in what Conner likes to call “a game of life,” the battle, for the moment, overshadows the war. It is a perverse but genuine tribute to Conner and to his reputation as a competitor to say that his losing would be bigger news than Blackaller’s winning.

Until 1983, when Conner and his redhulled Liberty lost the America’s Cup, the urge to explain Dennis sprang from his success, a competitive record unequaled in his generation of racers. In small onedesign boats, mediumsized ocean racing boats and massive 12meter campaigns he has won everything that matters most to people who devote their lives and their fortunesor someone else’sto the sport of racing sailboats. He has won the Star class world championship twice, the Southern Ocean Racing Conference circuit four times, and he has helmed two America’s Cup winners: Courageous in 1974, when he was picked out of the chorus line, so to speak, to share the wheel with Ted Hood; and Freedom in 1980, when, to his eternal credit, or shame, depending on who’s talking, he reinvented America’s Cup campaigning.

The $200 million America’s Cup exercise in extravagance that is going on in Western Australia right now was set in motion by Conner and his unprecedented twoyear, twoboat Freedom and Enterprise campaign leading up to the 1980 Cup. Until then the typical America’s Cup program was five months long, cost around $1.5 million and bore a striking resemblance to sport. Conner’s businesslike approach changed all that. With exhaustive attention to detail, thousands of manhours devoted to crew work and sail testing, and the spending of previously inconceivable amounts of money, Conner laid waste to the defender trials that summer. Freedom won 45 of a possible 48 races, while Courageous, sailed by Ted Turner, and Clipper, steered part of the time by Blackaller, had only four wins between them.

Turner, the last of the true 12meter amateurs, was so disgusted with the turn the game had taken that he quit 12metering for good. Blackaller, a San Francisco sailmaker who, like Conner, has twice won the Star class worlds but who, unlike Conner, would prefer to be racing Formula One cars, has twice tried to beat Dennis at his own game: in 1983, with Defender, a boat and a program that came nowhere near measuring up to Conner’s, and this year with USA, a gamble on a revolutionary design.

Twelvemeter skippers like Conner and Blackaller are the rock stars of sailing. Typically, they are dashing figures in a glamorous sport who look and feel their best at the wheels of their boats, preferably windwhipped and wavelashed. Conner, whose weight goes up and down, mostly up, and whose face has a boyish softness that belies 30odd years of sun and salt, does not fit the mold. He is a star, nonetheless, because in one sort of boat or another he has beaten them all.

An America’s Cup syndicate is a small corporation. Its product is a sleek, 65foot, 55,000pound racing machine that is as fast and strong as the corporation’s resources of time, talent and money can make her. Most 12meter skippers view the business side of racing as a necessary evil, a tedious means to a possibly glorious end. They attend to the endless details of preparing their boats because they have been doing it since childhood, and they know that preparation wins races. They scrounge for funds because they have to. However, they would gladly sail a dinghy through an icy gale on the North Atlantic with a broken collarbone if it meant they wouldn’t have to put on a blazer and show up for a sponsor’s cocktail party.

Conner, by contrast, loves it all. “I come from fairly modest beginnings,” he says. “To me it’s kind of a rush to get to go and meet people like Edsel Ford or Mike Dingman at the Henley Group, to walk in and see them and be on a firstname basis. I never would have had that opportunity if I hadn’t been there asking them for help. I find that fun. I called on Donald Trump and asked him for $3 million. I told him we’d name the boat Trump Card. He gave it a lot of thought. The point is, I enjoy that. I’m a businessman. Sailing is my hobby. It’s fun to be a small businessman and to go see how the heavies operate, and see what life is like at the top in another game, if you will, the game of making money.”

the spam plague and what you can do about it

the spam plague and what you can do about it Includes first

I’ve recently been doing some commercial blogging using WordPress blogs. I already knew from experience that there’d be some spam, but I didn’t expect the sheer volume. Almost unbelievable, dangerous and in one case much too interested.

I was doing three blogs. (I’m not going to say which ones, because the work was done under a nondisclosure contract.) The tide of spam started almost immediately. There were literally endless repeat spams from some selling Chanel bags, Louis Vuitton and others.

The comments section gave me a lot of information about the sources, but of course that information is somewhat redundant. False names, the same people with multiple IPs, all pretty typical botnet stuff.

Hardly any of the comments were related to the subject of the blogs. Some were illiterate, some were actually so far off topic they were funny. I think out of the hundreds of comments I got about two actual comments.

One of them cracked me up. The subject was something like pretzels, and the comment said, “Great writing, keep up the good work” from a carpet cleaning company somewhere in LA which was also a serial offender in terms of spam. What literate carpets they must have in Los Angeles.

One was funny in another way. This is the one that was too thoughtful:

“Great blog. What sort of antispam plug ins do you use against hackers?”

Meaning “Tell me what you’re using so I can get around it.” This is called “social engineering”, simply asking for security or IDrelated information. It usually works, too, about 7 times out of 10. I got quite a few of those, obviously spam, but they were related to tags on the blogs. Be very suspicious of anything looks like it’s directly related to the subject tags. Delete restore points to get rid of Trojan generics, which hide in the restore points and breed like rabbits. These things can hide there.

The bottom line here is that if you want your WordPress blogs to be anything other than a massive security liability, learn how to keep them secure. You may delete one or two legitimate comments, but most people will/should understand.

I got slightly under 1000 of these things in a week. The fun of it was I was working 18 hour days while all this was happening. That made deleting things a lot more fun, but it was more work, as well.

the global organic carrot

I would like to explore the success of Full Circle Farms, the Washington based CSA, and their impact on AK’s food system. While I appreciate their model, admire their achievement, and am thankful for the service they offer many remote communities, (67 drop offs throughout the state, mostly in remote communities) who have no other source for fresh produce. I also worry about Full Circles economic effect on local producers in regions where we can buy locally grown foods.

I have spoken to a number of producers, who participate in the Anchorage Farmers Markets, about Full Circle Farms. One farmer remarked that Full Circle Farm has a pickup point in the next parking lot over from the Farmers Market where he sells. He said was shocked and bummed to see the volume of families driving past the Farmers Market full of AK grown produce, in the height of summer, to pick up their box of globally sourced organic produce. Other farmers have shared that they have felt the drop in customer support at summer markets as the success of Full Circle Farm increases.

We all must eat and Full Circle offers a good option for some Alaskans but what if their success is hurting local producers and our local seasonal markets? In my opinion, if we want a secure food system for Alaska, where we have access to local produce, throughout the year, at prices we can afford, then we must support local producers when given the choice. Even if this means eating another potato carrot casserole creation for the third night in a row or having to drive a bit further to get a local cabbage. Until farmers see the market demand clearing the shelves dayafterday, they have no incentive and no security to produce more.

As consumers we really have the power to vote with our dollars. If we vote for global produce because its convenient, we are in essence telling local producers eating locally grown foods is not a priority and that we don’t care about the security of Alaska’s food system. I say this because I know local foods are available pretty much yearround if you know where to look. Alaska’s farmers are not producing enough for us to eat 100% local but I feel confident that each of us could have some Alaskan grown item on the table at each meal yearround. I challenge each of you to make this a goal.

At a recent meeting I attended, the possibility of creating an all Alaskan version of the Full Circle CSA was discussed. If we were able to create it, a difference would be that that our winter boxes would contain mostly roots (beets, carrots, turnips, potatoes, rutabagas, and cabbage) along will eggs, cheese, and chickens, unless one of the many greenhouse’s offered to grow greens. Producers questioned whether or not consumers would turn their nose at a box without mangos, avocados, and asparagus. Would you? It’s true Alaskans would have to change the way we eat returning to a more bioregional diet, based on the seasons, and the storage potential of crops. Many of us do this with berries, moose, caribou and salmon, but are we ready to do this with our vegetables? You to tell me.

Alaska has a two days food supply on store shelves, no emergency storage, and we import 98% of our food.

Collectively we spend 2 billion a year on food and only 30 million goes to local agriculture (this figure includes hay). I think we can do better for ourselves and our local producers.

I want to hear from you if you would be interested in becoming members of an all Alaskan Box veggie program. Your voices in volume could peak producer interest generating the momentum needed to build producer partnerships willing to give it a try. Ultimately, it’s the consumer voice and dollar that will motivate this idea into reality.

Until we have an all Alaskan veggie box option, for those of you who can choose, please choose to buy local.

Chew happily and wisely (32 times)

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the perfect annotation

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“Whip It” is a song by Nicki Minaj from her second studio album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The song is the twelfth track of the album. It was written by Onika Maraj, Nadir Khayat, Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjoern Djupstom, Bilal Hajji, and Wayne Hector, and it was produced by RedOne and Alex P.. It was released on April 2, as a digital download and physical CD along with the album. A music video was planned to be released but it was canceled.

“Whip It” was used as the theme song for the Pink Friday fragrance Internet promo ad. It was also included on the Dance Central 3 game exclusive at Walmart. The poll is divided into three categories. The third category asks the fans to choose between “Pound the Alarm”, “Whip It”, and “Va Va Voom”. “Va Va Voom” had the most votes and won the poll, second was “Whip It”, and third was “Pound the Alarm”.[1]

“Va Va Voom” was planned to be released on summer of 2012 but fans of both “Whip It” and “Pound the Alarm” asked to release “Whip It” and “Pound the Alarm” as singles, respectively. On June 6, Minaj discussed with her fans about which song should be released as a single. She later confirmed that “Pound the Alarm will be released as a single, instead of “Va Va Voom” or “Whip It.”[2]

The final verse of the song is taken from Cassie’s “Fuck U Silly,” a song she recorded with Minaj but never released.”Whip It” received mixed reviews from critics. Billboard editor Andrew Hampp gave the song a positive review, while calling it one of the best songs on the album, he also said “One of the better dance cuts on “Roman Reloaded,” “Whip It” is good enough to make J. Lo jealous she didn’t snare it as a followup to “On The Floor.” Adam Graham of The Detroit News said the song made Minaj sound like a “generic danceclub diva, lost in a sea of pounding bass and EDM flourishes.”Minaj confirmed the release of a video for “Whip It.”[3] Asked by a fan on Twitter whether ‘Whip It’ would have a music video, Minaj responded, “Yup and I know exactly where I’m shooting it!!”.[4] The video was never filmed.

Live performances Edit

Minajperformed “Whip It” for the first time at Wango Tango on May 12, 2012. A video interlude with a remix of “Whip It” was played at her Pink Friday: Reloaded Tour.

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Little MoosDo not adjust your dial. This is merely a picture of Smitty, left, a miniature bull, greeting Franke, a Brown Swiss steer, at Locust Hill Farm.

After a lifetime of owning various pets, I’ve slowly come to realize that it’s farm animals that hold the most appeal for me. Chickens, as I’ve written before, are in my blood: My grandmother raised chickens as a business, and I have fond memories of visiting her hen house and collecting the warm eggs. But it doesn’t stop there.

My father’s childhood chores included riding the family cow back home every evening from her pasture, and taking care of two goats. So even though I like to live close enough to downtown to catch a movie on a moment’s notice, or meet a friend for drinks at the barofthemoment, there’s a part of me that wants to ditch my city digs and set up my own petting zoo somewhere woodsy and bucolic. But I’m also practical. Big animals mean more space, more work, and more money for feed. It’s just one reason why I’ve always loved bantam chickens and miniature goats. While that’s not small enough to tuck into a darling Louis Vuitton bag and tote to a red carpet movie premiere, it’s still significantly smaller than a standard cow, and much less poop to clean up.

Little MoosJarell the dog sees eye to eye with Smitty and Abe at Locust Hill Farm.

The hard part will be convincing Pork Chop that we need one or two of these in our backyard. He’s been very indulgent with me having a horse and two chickens, but a cow or even a goat may be pushing it. Still, a girl’s gotta have dreams.